• I believe that you have a far greater potential than you realise.
  • I believe that  Natural Medicine, Real Food and Yoga are the keys to tapping into the powerful being that you are!
  • I believe that when you tap into your potential, every area of your life will begin to flourish in ways that will blow your mind!

I’m Rowena Jayne ~
Internationally best selling  Author,  Naturopath, Neuro emotional Technique (NET) practitioner, Lecturer, Yogi & Plant Food Chef and founder of BodyLove TM   . 

I’m an extremely passionate being, especially about health, wellness and YOU! Over the past 18 years I have connected to thousands of people globally and been a part of their journey of transformation. I love people and love to connect with like minded souls walking towards the path of their dream life!

I am living proof that you can turn your life around and create a happy, healthy existence, above and beyond your wildest dreams!


My story and how I got here!

Life was a high, working in the performing arts industry, singing and dancing at the Sydney opera house, acting on television and touring internationally.

I then began to struggle emotionally and found myself spiralling downwards on a destructive path of binge eating and anorexia. I fluctuated so much between the two that I lost all control of my weight which only heightened the feelings of self hatred that had consumed me.

I lost all sense of myself, my confidence and didn’t know who I was any more. I was tired all the time, couldn’t sleep properly, hated what I looked like and worse, hated the outlook of my life. I was so destructive to my body and mind that I ended up with rheumatoid arthritis in my left knee. Not long after this, I was rushed to hospital with a bleeding colon and was diagnosed with possible Crohn’s disease.

Those words were the biggest wake up call of my life and a deep voice resonated inside me, stronger than anything I had known, coaxing me to change my life.

I turned my life around and began forging my way towards a better existence. I started yoga, cleaned up my diet and learnt how to treat myself with loving kindness. I cultivated a completely new relationship with myself.

18 years later, I am now a best selling author, leading International Yoga Instructor, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Plant Food Chef.  I have also studied Ayurvedic Medicine and I do everything I can to walk my talk with a mission to empower others to step into their true potential.

As my journey transpired, I began to see that my challenges had been a blessing in disguise and part of a grander plan to connect me to my life purpose to spread health and wellness to the world! The more I healed, the more passionate I became and my opinion of myself elevated. I no longer saw myself as an ugly, fat, unmotivated being that wasn’t good enough, instead I saw a fearless leader, a role model, someone who inspired others. I discovered that just by sharing what I was learning as I evolved and began to live my authentic truth, I could contribute to the transformation of thousands of peoples lives.

So that’s what I do! Every single day, I teach yoga, offer private consultations, prepare real food for people, write recipes and speak about health and wellness.

Collectively, all the people who have joined me on this path, encourage and inspire each other to treat their body as an incredible temple; a beautiful home for the soul to live in while we create the life we are born to live!

If I can achieve this huge feat, just imagine what YOU can do!

The Rowena Jayne Health & Wellness community is a continuous evolution and there is so much to explore and get excited about.

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My FIRST book is NOW published 

Rowena Jayne Real Food Yogi Raw Chef Author Yoga instructorRowena Jayne - Real Food Yogi -Author Raw Chef Yoga Instructor

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I’d love to meet you!

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My blog is filled with educational, inspiring articles on yoga, real food, healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, you name it!

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I look forward to travelling with you on your journey and witnessing the changes and miracles that manifest as a result of your courage and commitment to yourself, your health and your wonderful life!

Remember, “You are born to make manifest the glory that is within you. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone!” (Marianne Williamson)

Blessings & Gratitude

Rowena Jayne x