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To Calorie Count or NOT

To Calorie Count or NOT!

Calorie-Counting Calorie Counting is it beneficial or detrimental to your health and wellbeing? 

 After launching my website and FREE ebook, I received a number of requests to add the calorie components to the FREE Chocolate mint slice recipe I had included in the book, and that I “should” make sure all my recipes have this component to appeal to people “watching their weight”!

My response, was the same as it always has been on this topic.  “Thank you for your suggestion, however I don’t believe in calorie counting”.

I understand many of you are concerned about weight gain, or struggle to lose those last kilograms and many of you worry constantly that you don’t look good enough in comparison to those beautiful airbrushed girls on the magazines!

As a qualified Nutritionist, I did learn how to calorie count and I have the tools to perform this task on my recipes.  However, as a human being who recovered from an eating disorder, I can honestly attest that calorie counting is NOT the way forward! Continue reading To Calorie Count or NOT