Foods to reduce Anxiety and Depression

Stressed? Suffering from depression?

There is more you can do other than rely only on medications.

Complete Well Being Magazine India, invited me to write a brief article  on foods that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to leave a comment below

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Foods for Anxiety and Depression article in Complete Wellbeing Magazine, India JULY 2015

Published in Complete Wellbeing Magazine India, Volume  IX 09 JULY, 2015 P 88 & 89.



Winter Warming Tips & Soup Recipe

9  Winter Warming Tips to keep you on track

By Rowena Jayne – Real Food Yogi

Winter is here and the cold chills you to the bones… you take cover in snuggling up under a warm blanket as the snow falls and white residue builds on the window sill. You cough and splutter as your chest infection and nasal drip render you unable to actively participate in the buzz of life that continues around you……

Now stop for a minute and imagine a different scenario.. Imagine just the opposite… You enjoy the cooler months and transcend the cold, ills and even sadness that sometimes winter brings. With just a little more self care and a little more awareness, you turn it around and have the most amazing winter season yet.

Now that sounds more like a winter one dreams of experiencing!

Winter Wonderland

As a rule of thumb – nature begins to slow down all around us during winter. The animals go into hibernation, the lush green shrubs and flowers that spread across the sidewalk in the summer months and now mere tufts poking through snow carpeted ground. The landscape appears far more barren and desolate after the trees were stripped of their leaves in the fall.

Human life form is the microcosm of the macrocosm and what occurs in nature, also occurs inside of us. However, we do exist in the modern 21st century, where come what may life doesn’t stop. We still have deadlines to meet, responsibilities to fulfil and we know the rent wont pay itself if we don’t keep going.

Therefore, we need to take heed of the weather and changes in the natural environment around us and play an active role in respecting these natural laws as much as possible to avoid, sickness and ill health. We do this by adjusting the food we eat, the type of and amount of exercise we do, the clothes we wear and so forth.

In different geographical areas the seasons also vary. In some countries it snows in winter, for others it rains. So we need to adapt in accordance to each individual environment. In saying that on average the winter sky is often thick with cloud and grey. The air is always crisp, cold, damp and heavy and one observes that the hustle and bustle of life does reduce to a far less rapid and more phlegmatic pace. Other days the weather becomes dry, cold and even windy. Therefore, we need to consider both scenarios when tweaking our lifestyle and dietary regimes over the cooler months.

9 Winter Warming Tips

1-  Wear Warm Clothes

The first tip might seem obvious (to wear warm clothes), but so many people run around in skimpy outfits especially to go out at night, so this is a a great tip to adhere to in order to effectively reduce the chills and ills. On windy days, cover your neck with a scarf to protect from the wind and cold. Wear a head covering. 60% of heat is lost through the head (and extremities too) so be sure to cover your head to help preserve internal heat.

2 – Sleep in longer if possible.

With our busy lives and set work routines, this may not be feasible, but try at least on the weekend. Avoid sleeping in the day however, as it will lead to more sluggishness and lethargy; will impede metabolism and reduce the digestive fire.

3-  Massage the Hands and Feet daily with Warmed Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a warming oil and great to stimulate circulation, minimise cold hands and feet and improve feelings of wellbeing

4 -Eat more good plant based oils and fats like avocado

Fats are a super way to improve insulation to the body over the winter months and provide nourishment to the brain which is made up of fat – contributing to serotonin uptake and thus providing nervous system support -.

5 – Avoid Cold Drinks and Frozen foods

It might seem obvious, but unfortunately many people have lost connection to these natural laws that we, in our primitive eras knew intuitively. The digestive system is like a fire and adding cold, frozen foods will dampen the fire and reduce our metabolic and digestive functions. Cold foods during colder months will also increase mucus in the body and lead to congestion.


6 – Wear Colours Like Red and Orange

Colour therapy dates back years in Eastern medicine systems. Red and Orange are warming colours, stimulate and uplift so are great additions to the winter wardrobe.


7 – Get More Sunshine and Vitamin D

SAD (Seasonal Affective disorder) is a common condition which affects a substantial number of people in winter and the sadness associated with this disorder can be greatly improved with sunlight and vitamin D Supplements. Vitamin D is an immune modulator and also switches on good genes. Vitamin D is also the instigator for Vitamin C to be absorbed and vitamin C is an immune enhancing nutrient among other things.

8  Yoga Power

If you have a regular yoga teacher fabulous. Yoga will stimulate circulation. Pranayama breathing is also a brilliant method to warm the body inside out, as are sun salutations. Postures like Camel, Bow and even full locust poses are great too relieve any congestion in the chest and stimulate immune function.

9   Follow a winter warming diet

Drink a tea made from Ginger root, Cinnamon and a pinch of clove to increase circulation.

Reduce dry foods (dehydrated, dried fruits etc) especially when the weather is cold and dry.

Increase the intake of spices such as black pepper, cumin, garlic(natural antibiotic),cayenne pepper, chilli, ginger, cinnamon which are all warming and help to reduce toxins and stagnation.

Drink herbal teas that stimulate immunity, are antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and are warming such as Tulsi, ginger, masala chai, Astragalus, Thyme, Sage and echinacea ( this list is not exhaustive)

Include Supergreens ( E3 live is my favourite – coming soon to Australia) to support the liver function and blood cleansing properties, and reduce toxic build up which will lead to illness. Remember the soil is depleted of much need nutrients, so in the modern age a good nutritional supplement is beneficial for health, especially during the winter months.

Include fresh juices daily with various fruits and vegetables, adding lemon, lime and ginger for additional warmth, oileation and vitamin C. Berries, Kiwi fruits and even pineapple are great additions largely due their vitamin C content and pineapples are great to soothe a sore throat.

Choose more mushy, warm, nourishing foods. Soups are a fabulous way to stay warm and of course taste great!

Below is a wonderful Soup that warms and Nourishes during the winter months. This is a cooked version, but I also have a raw version I will post soon.

Sweet Potato, Pear & Rosemary Soup with Cashew Sour cream & Rosemary Chia Seed crackers – by Rowena Jayne – Real Food Yogi

sweet potato pear and rosemary soup - gluten freeno desserts-t38369

Ingredients from Nature:

2 cups boiling water
2 cups steamed sweet potato
1 cup pear juice
2 tablespoons sprouted mung beans (or lentils)
1/2 – teaspoon rosemary sprigs
dash of lemon juice
1/2 – 1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 -1 teaspoon onion powder
Pinch Black Pepper
1 teaspoon sea salt

1 tablespoon olive oil

Optional: 1/4 cup sunflower sprouts/ corn/ fresh tomato/ avocado pieces or zucchini noodles.

Joyful Preparation:
Blend all ingredients together adding the oil last

Cashew Sour Cream

1 cup cashews ( soaked 2 hours if possible)

1/2 lemon, squeezed

1/4 – 1/2 cup water

Pinch sea salt

Loving Preparation:

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender. If it is too thin – in a slow speed gradually add  olive oil in a slow stream until it thickens.

Rosemary Chia seed  crackers

1/2 cup black chia seeds

1 tomato, blended to a puree

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 teaspoon rosemary sprigs

Loving preparation: 

Add All ingredients into a bowl  and mix until the chia seeds begin to become gelatinous (4-5 mins).  Place the mixture onto dehydrator trays and spread with an offset spatula until 1 cm thick.  Dehydrate for 5-6 hours until crisp.

Want more recipes?
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Wunderlust Recipe Share

Wunderlust 108 – Brisbane kicks off Saturday 30th May, 2015.   I will be on stage at 11.30am ( forecourt) – Southbank Parklands.

wunderlust 108 - bris

I promised a FREE recipe to all who attend from my Published Book – The Joy of Real Food


Apple Lime and Apple Juice

Untitled copy 2

Apples eaten with the skin on have 17% of the RDA of fibre. They are high in quercitin and vitamin C, great for immune support..

The Querctin and pectin found in apples are also beneficial for digestive complaints.

They also have anti-viral properties making them a suberb choice to help fight off colds, bronchitis & other viral infections.

From an Ayurvedic perspective Apples are Vata aggravating ( more on this in my book the Joy of Real Food)  and cause gas and bloating. combining them with the lime will help combat this as the lime is oiliating.

Chemical Free: Apples are on the list of HEAVY pesticide residues.. so stick to organic.. or wash them thoroughly..using warm water with lemon juice/ ACV.

Carrots  are perhaps best known for their rich supply of the antioxidant nutrient that was actually named for them: beta-carotene. However, these delicious root vegetables are the source not only of beta-carotene, but also of a wide variety of antioxidants and other health-supporting nutrients. The areas of antioxidant benefits, cardiovascular benefits, and anti-cancer benefits are the best-researched areas of health research with respect to dietary intake of carrots.  (All coloured fruits and vegetables are high in phytochemicals and fabulous medicinal properties!)

Limes are high in pectin, minerals, cleansing and oiliating. Phytochemicals in limes boost the immune system, perfect forcombatting winter viruses! They may also great for balancing cholesterol levels and lowering BP and heart. Limes contain quercitin which is very effective against inflammation..

To select limes: Choose shiny and those heavy in weight. Dark green limes have more flavour than those turning yellow.

Turmeric ( optional) is a potent anti inflammatory – high in Curcumin ( the orange pigments) This wonder herb is used for any type of inflammation.

Since the time of Ayurveda (1900 Bc) numerous therapeutic activities have been assigned to turmeric for a wide variety of diseases and conditions, including those of the skin, pulmonary, and gastrointestinal systems, aches, pains, wounds, sprains, and liver disorders. Extensive research within the last half century has proven that most of these activities, once associated with turmeric, are due to curcumin. Curcumin has been shown to exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer activities and thus has a potential against various malignant diseases, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and other chronic illnesses.

Try it also with black pepper! Yum!

 The Recipe: 

Carrot Lime Apple

(Serves 2)

This is a great anti-inflammatory boost, full of antioxidants and natural goodness. I ordered a juice in a café one afternoon with carrot, lime and apple as it sounded delicious. I was informed it was “fresh”, but it turned out the lime was cordial, the apple, packaged and only the carrot fresh. As a result I came home and created my own.

Ingredients from nature:

5 carrots

2 large apples

2 inch piece turmeric root

2-3 limes, peeled

Joyful Preparation:

Juice all ingredients and pour into a glass. YUMMMMM!!!

Want more?  

This recipe is from The Joy of Real Food – Available on Amazon, Balboa, Barnes  Nobles, Dymmocks, Booktopia and various other online stores.

Autographed copies ( Australia wide) are also available HERE 

Rowena Jayne Real Food Yogi Raw Chef Author Yoga instructor        Rowena Jayne - Real Food Yogi -Author Raw Chef Yoga Instructor




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Recipe Share: Chai Spiced Dandelion


dandelion chai

I woke up to a chilly, windy morning and my body gave the message it wanted a warm, spicy tea.  Chai is usually my favourite, but I am running a detoxification program, so decided to use dandelion instead.

Now I know we all love the word detox and it conjures up the image of clean, healthy bodies.  Who doesn’t want that right?  I know some of you fear not having your coffee or enjoying your hot beverages. That is about to change!  One of my main messages is to make sure you do have delicious meals to prepare as “diets” don’t work.  Diets make us feel deprived.  Yummy, delicious meals and drinks however, provide satisfaction, satiety and like eating well is FUN! Cause lets face it, eating has become a huge part of our lives.  So Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

Below is a warming tea that is delicious and provides great support for the liver.

Dandelion Root is a favourite amongst health professionals for its cleansing action. Dandelion root assists with fluid retention and helps improve digestion, particularly of fatty foods by its role in increasing bile production. It also acts as a liver and gallbladder tonic.

Naturopaths use Dandelion in tinctures but my preferred method is simply making a dandelion tea especially for  those of you who normally love your sunday morning coffee.

Where to find it? Roasted dandelion is readily available in health food stores and supermarkets (be sure to purchase organic)

Recommendation: 1-2 cups of tea daily

Chai Spiced Dandelion

2 cups brewed dandelion tea (or you could use organic India’s caffeine free chai tulsi masala) 
1 cup almond milk*
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon allspice
1/4 teaspoon cardamom
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon ginger powder

Add 1- 2 teaspoons honey or maple syrup if you desire

Joyful Preparation: 

Add the brewed tea to the high speed blender ( or thermomix) add the almond milk and spices and blend until desired temperature. If you dont have a high speed blender, warm it in a pan slightly.

Time to prepare ( 3 mins – including making the almond milk)

* Almond milk – 1/3 cup almonds ( soaked overnight) blended with 1 cup water and strained ( dehydrate and save the pulp in the freezer to use for raw cakes & other delicacies) 

Taking care of YOU FIRST

Taking Care of you first!

As a health advocate, a very prominent value in both my business and personal life is walking my talk.  This week I have had to question this value. 

When I studied Ayurvedic Medicine, my teacher – Dr Adjit told us a story about a little boys mum coming to see Gandhi and asking him to tell his son to stop eating sugar.  Gandhi said ok I want you to wait one month and then come back to see me. puzzled as to why she had to wait, the mother reluctantly agreed and took her son back home with her.  

One month later…… 
 the mother returned with her son and begged Gandhi to give her son the advise to stop eating sugar.  Gandhi placed the little boy on his lap and proceeded to tell him to stop eating sugar.  The boy promised to adhere to the request and went off to play while the mother spoke to Gandhi.

She asked him. ” I don’t understand Gandhi, why would you make my son wait one month and then tell him to stop.  You could have told him this a month ago!”

Gandhi smiled and said “Dear, I could not possibly have told your son one month ago, because I, myself was eating sugar one month ago!”

I absolutely loved that story and of course preceding the story my teacher went on to tell us to walk our talk.  That he cannot ever tell any of his clients to sleep before 10pm even though it is advised in Ayruveda for good health, because still to this day he doesn’t follow this advise. I resonated with his words and the moral of the story and made it a value at the top of my list when I wrote my business plan model and my values.  I do believe I have done my best to follow suit on the advise I pass out.

HOWEVER… the past few months, in the world wind of my book being published, launching my detox transformation lifestyle program, running workshops, book signings. writing more programs, trying to do all the admin. teach yoga etc etc. I have fallen by the wayside of adhering to my own advise! 

I love how the universe constantly supports us and puts messages out there to remind us to get back on track.  I stopped in my tracks the other day when I saw a post written by a close friend to Jess Ainscough – The Courageous Wellness Warrior who lived a further 7 years after being diagnosed with cancer passed away.   The blog post was a story about Jess living her truth every step of the way and how everyday her friends and family would all wake up and while in bed, check their phones and social media and begin working on their businesses and then maybe find some time to take care of themselves.  Jess however, would wake up, meditate, juice and do all the rituals surrounding her health regime BEFORE doing her work.

I read that post and thought – “That used to be you Rowena, but the past three months, it hasn’t been.. you have been doing all nighters, not sleeping to get the work done, you wake up and barely get out of bed and begin working, you have barely chanted, meditated and have not nearly done as much yoga as you normally do! This has to change”

So last night I went to bed at 10pm, I switched off my phone. I woke up feeling refreshed and excited about my day and I woke up scraped my tongue, had my lemon and water, followed by a juice and went straight to my chanting alter and did my morning chant followed by a 10minute meditation.  

Then I sat down to write this blog. Then after 30 minutes went and took advanced yoga class with my colleagues.  Do I feel better! My god yes! I have been feeling sluggish, a little down and blue and just not on top of the world the way I like to be. 

We all know the cliche of the airplane and that we are told to put the mask on us before a child.. life is no different. We must take care of ourselves first so we are in a better position to be there for others. My book, the Joy of Real Food  is all about nurturing yourself, putting you first and how much more productive we are in every area of our life when we look after ourselves. 

Balance is all about tipping the scale and then returning to the centre.  I am grateful I fell off the end, as now it has strengthened my resolve and again I can be in a far greater space to serve YOU, my little tribe who rely on me to help guide you forward on your journey! 

3 easy things to do to taking better care of you

1 –  Taking Care of you first can be as simple as  taking your shoes of and walking outside bare foot on the ground for 30 seconds.  Feel the grass on your feet, take a moment to feel it, observe it and notice how it affects the way you feel.  The sunshine will also play a role in uplifting your spirit, provide you with some much needed vitamin D which will switch on the good genes and improve your vitamin c absorption as a result.  Notice how it distresses you in moments, particularly if you are mindful of the sensations of the texture of the grass etc.

2 – Sitting down and focusing on your breath and breathing pattern for 1 minute

3 –  Buying a fresh juice instead of a coca cola.

Changing your life doesn’t have to be huge steps… just lots of little baby ones that you can sustain.  As you progress, you can add more and more steps, this way it seems way less daunting.

A BodyLove initiative


Totally Gutted – Tips to improve your gut health

The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is often a much neglected part of our body and we tend to ignore the niggling signs that it is out of balance until we can’t ignore them anymore and we get a bloated stomach, stomach pain, a touch of diarrhoea or suffer from constipation  for several days.

Rowena Jayne Real Food Yogi - Gut Health

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Why I love to detox, 3 Tips to help you detox & a free recipe

Detoxing is actually a daily requirement of the body and the liver works 24/7 in ensuring this takes place.  The better we eat and take care of ourselves through yoga and meditation, spending time in nature etc the less taxing this process is for the body.  Day to day detoxing is the best method.

HOWEVER, in modern day society we are on the go, stress levels are high and we often grab a bites of food on the run that are not always conducive to our health and wellbeing.

The festive season, as we know tends to be a common time in which we all overindulge. Whether that be raw fruit mince pies or traditional sweets, alcohol or other foods, the fact is we often eat way more than we need during these celebratory times and at these times often we live to eat, rather than eat to live!

I know that many of you have begun the New Year with the best of intentions to create New Resolutions of change and transformation in your lives, but as we enter mid January, these regimes and hopes seem to be gradually slipping through your fingers as you return the crazy, busy, intense buzz and action that all the New year, work, family and even study commitments bring.

But what if you could have it all laid out for you, at the press of a button. Recipes, shopping lists, daily  motivation and just turn up… then within one month feel fantastic, amazing, alive, rejuvenated and excited for your future prospects for the year ahead.

I know that having a program to follow can take out all the guess work and increase the chance of success.  When I first began detoxing I know having a program and plan made it so much easier for me to stick to and took away all the worry and concerns of what to eat, what not to and so forth each day.  All I had to do each day was show up and wallah follow the guidelines and I was on my way to feeling AMAZING!

Detoxing is a sure fire way to get you pumped for the year, rid your body of excess weight, lethargy, bloating,  and all the ailments that come with not having as effective a means of waste removal from the body as we could have. Even though I eat very well, and am always doing a mini detox in my yoga class daily, I love to reset my body and do a conscious cleanse seasonally or after a period of celebrating or even travelling when I have allowed myself the space to be a little more relaxed with my diet. I love how detoxing resets my body and mind and sets me up to continue eating well again and treating my body like the temple it is.

Seasonal Changes

As the seasons change it is also a great idea to detox the body as changes are taking place externally in the environment that do alter the internal state both mentally and physically of your body.  It is advisable to do a reset four times a year.

Three Simple Tips you can begin to integrate already in order to help with the detoxification process

1) Drink warm water with lemon and a 1/2 teaspoon sea salt every morning when you arise to stimulate liver function and the digestive process.

2) Drink a Green juice/smoothie – Green juices are full of delightful  nutrients to help combat the sluggishness that can occur when we need to detox.  Green juices are full of chlorophyll which helps to clean the blood and any green leafy vegetables improve liver function, Greens are also relatively high in protein which helps stimulate the detox pathway.

Get your Greens on – FREE SMOOTHIE RECIPE SHARE – 

(Makes 3 cups)
1 cucumber, chopped into chunks
1/2 cup broccoli florets
1 green apple chopped into large chunks
1 large handful spinach
1 large handful kale
l large bananas, peeled and chopped
1⁄2 lemon, squeezed
1 tablespoon mint leaves
1/2 cup of water
Pinch sea salt
Joyful preparation:
Place 1/2 cup of water in a high speed blender.
Add chopped fruits and vegetables &
blend until smooth.
(If you don’t like a chunky juice.
Place nut milk bag in a large jug or
measuring jug. Fill with the juice and
seal. Squeeze until the liquid has been
discharged and small remaining bulb
of fibre is lee. (in a vitamix, majority of
the fibre will be blended anyway)

Dont have a blender? You can order one here

3) Dry Skin Brushing – is often more powerful than we think in ridding old dead skin cells.  The integumentary system ( skin) is the largest organ of the body and removing dead cells and the circling motions of using a loofah or skin brushing kit ( available in most chemists) can help to stimulate the lymphatic system which plays a pivotal role in mopping up metabolic waste and sending it the the channels of elimination.

Call to Action: 

Begin adding these 3 tips daily into your life and notice the difference they begin to make.  Change doesn’t have to be HUGE. integrate small changes step by step and they become routine!

Want more! Here is your chance!

The New Year, New You Detox Lifestyle Transformation Program commences February 9th

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What is the program ?

An interactive online program as part of The BodyLoveTM initiative. It includes daily inspiration, recipes, shopping lists and more to help you set up new neural pathways to keep you on track of your health to make lasting changes. ( Note* this is not just a one month program of recipes)

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Gut Health Workshop Presenters Bios……. Leonie McDonald

“Gut Health” is a workshop not to be missed if you are serious about your health.  This is the place to start! And boy have we got a line up for you!

A speaker, A Fermenter and a Real Food Yogi….. come together to showcase an extraordinary event for YOU!

This workshop is part of the BodyLove initiative. A program designed to bring back the triad of health. Mind Body Spirit. 

“Gut Health”  will tour Australia – First stop: Brisbane – (Stay tuned for the national tour dates.)

The SpeakerLeonie McDonald -AKA Inspiration Queen –  from Eating Wise

Leonie pic

What a woman! Leonie Mcdonald is a force to be reckoned with… Leonie is an experienced lecturer, Speaker, Nutritionist and Naturopath who lives on the Gold Coast with her three huskies Tayla, Harlee & Kane.  Leonie has lectured at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences in Brisbane and other various educational schools of natural medicine.  She also hosts speaking events Australia wide and for various other events.

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Gut Health Workshop Presenters Bio’s…… Tim McNeilly

“Gut Health” is a workshop not to be missed if you are serious about your health.  This is the place to start! And boy have we got a line up for you!

A speaker, A Fermenter and a Real Food Yogi….. come together to showcase an extraordinary event for YOU!

This workshop is part of the BodyLove initiative.. A program to bring about change in a triad of health. 


“Gut Health”  will tour Australia – First stop: Brisbane – (Stay tuned for the national tour dates.)

The Fermenter: Tim McNeilly – AKA Fermenting KING!….. From Really Awesome Wholefoods

Tim Mcneilly - Rowena Jayne Real Food Yogi

Tim has run over 30 workshops and assisted around 500 people to discover the amazing health benefits that these fermented foods can provide, and is passionate about people taking-charge of their health.

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How FAST are you ageing and your memory going!

The word ageing often conjures up the idea of losing your independence, losing your memory and becoming senile, relying on doctors, walking sticks, pills, losing your energy and longevity and a whole array of various other ailments as the body begins to move into a catabolic state.

NOW IMAGINE a different Scenario!

Imagine even at the ripe age of 90 still bouncing around, enjoying your life, free of medications, visits to the doctors and better yet having a strong mind and memory! It is possible as others are living this way now.

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