To Calorie Count or NOT

To Calorie Count or NOT!

Calorie-Counting Calorie Counting is it beneficial or detrimental to your health and wellbeing? 

 After launching my website and FREE ebook, I received a number of requests to add the calorie components to the FREE Chocolate mint slice recipe I had included in the book, and that I “should” make sure all my recipes have this component to appeal to people “watching their weight”!

My response, was the same as it always has been on this topic.  “Thank you for your suggestion, however I don’t believe in calorie counting”.

I understand many of you are concerned about weight gain, or struggle to lose those last kilograms and many of you worry constantly that you don’t look good enough in comparison to those beautiful airbrushed girls on the magazines!

As a qualified Nutritionist, I did learn how to calorie count and I have the tools to perform this task on my recipes.  However, as a human being who recovered from an eating disorder, I can honestly attest that calorie counting is NOT the way forward!

There are always exceptions to the rule and perhaps if you were a jockey, needing to get your weight down for a weigh in event in 5 days time, maybe, just maybe calorie counting would be a requirement.

However, in general, my philosophy as a real food yogi extends to the importance of getting back in touch with yourself.  The first level of weight loss is to LOVE YOURSELF and treat yourself with loving kindness.  Calorie counting in my opinion lends itself to feelings of denial, long term binging and emotional stress.

In the past, I have seen articles written by dieticians on weight-loss advising to eat a processed packaged food over an apple!  To me, this is ludicrous.  Natural, real food is by far more bio available in the body.  Long term packaged foods, fat free or not, are more detrimental to your health and wellbeing; will lead to an increase of inflammatory responses in the body, and pose a far greater risk for disease. Not to mention the effects these foods have on your emotional wellbeing.

In summer 2010, The New England Journal of Medicine published a controversial study showing that where our calories come from is just as important as the calories themselves.
The study reveals that conventional wisdom—to eat everything in moderation, eat fewer calories and avoid fatty foods—isn’t the best approach. Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, lead author of the study, said “What you eat makes quite a difference. Just counting calories won’t matter much, what matters is the kinds of calories you’re eating.” Unsurprisingly, the study revealed that regular exercise and eating high amounts of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and nuts lead to less weight gain and even weight loss.

Everything you eat is fuel for the physiological and psychological functions of the body. We don’t feed our cars with olive oil and expect them to run. The car needs precisely what it is designed to need in order to work efficiently and effectively. You are no different!


Only about 20% of people who diet and calorie count can keep the weight off for more than a year. The real solution to weight-loss isn’t calorie counting, rather bringing forth the perfect physiology that nature has given you!

Life is meant to be FUN, not a demanding set of strict rules to adhere to everyday that embellishes imbalance, stress and fear!

Your unique biological body, mind and spirit cannot be defined by graphs, the number of calories consumed, charts and tables.

When you are in balance, your body has natural satiety cues.  You will tap into the natural intelligence of your body and hear correct cravings as guided by your inner wisdom.  You will gain the power to achieve your ideal weight without the physical pain, emotional stress and even disappointment that are built into virtually every kind of weight controlling method.

How do you get in balance?

Simple – eat unadulterated REAL FOOD from nature; practice techniques such as Yoga, Breathing & meditation. Even walking barefoot on the grass are all time proven methods to help connect us to our innate intelligence and inner wisdom.

Many of my yoga students report getting intense cravings in the middle of class for something – olives, pineapple you name it. This is the intelligence I am taking about!

The more we practice these methods, the more we witness profound transformation. Eating real food is fun. Long gone are the days where you just need to eat a carrot stick and bland salad to be healthy!

The faster we drop the desperation to lose weight and worry about it, the faster we let ourselves be and our weight adjusts on its own accord!

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