Gut Health Workshop Presenters Bios……. Leonie McDonald

“Gut Health” is a workshop not to be missed if you are serious about your health.  This is the place to start! And boy have we got a line up for you!

A speaker, A Fermenter and a Real Food Yogi….. come together to showcase an extraordinary event for YOU!

This workshop is part of the BodyLove initiative. A program designed to bring back the triad of health. Mind Body Spirit. 

“Gut Health”  will tour Australia – First stop: Brisbane – (Stay tuned for the national tour dates.)

The SpeakerLeonie McDonald -AKA Inspiration Queen –  from Eating Wise

Leonie pic

What a woman! Leonie Mcdonald is a force to be reckoned with… Leonie is an experienced lecturer, Speaker, Nutritionist and Naturopath who lives on the Gold Coast with her three huskies Tayla, Harlee & Kane.  Leonie has lectured at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences in Brisbane and other various educational schools of natural medicine.  She also hosts speaking events Australia wide and for various other events.

Leonie is well known for her knack to excite people about nutrition and her ability to engage an audience, be it a large group of people or one on one. She is not only extremely well educated in all things nutrition, but shares her knowledge with humour, in ways that are easy to understand and with a dash of cheek. But be warned that she will have you coming back for more!  

Leonie is unapologetic for her forthright approach to nutrition and some may even find her a little controversial, but at least she got you thinking!
Central to her beliefs is that each person is an individual and should be viewed as such. There is no “one size fits all” approach to health and each person should be treated holistically to gain the greatest benefit. Leonie is gifted in drawing the links between mental and emotional imbalances and their physical manifestations, often illuminating issues that were perhaps otherwise overlooked.
Leonie is committed to changing people from the inside out and helping them to take control of their life through diet and lifestyle and trust me she will be no different with you at the GUT HEALTH WORKSHOP in February, 2015.
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Leonie McDonald - Rowena Jayne Real Food Yogi


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