Jessica Origliasso Pop singer from "The Veronicas"

"Rowena is one of the most incredible yogis and yoga teachers in the world.  Her class is brilliant.  I am grateful to be able to be led, encouraged and inspired beyond the limits of my mind by such an incredible woman. I adore being challenged and appreciate when someone has faith in my ability as a human to heal myself and remind me that I can do and be anything with consistency and peace of mind!  Yoga opens you up to a limitless world, more than drugs, or medication or alcohol.  Seriously still high from her class man!  Rowena has so much passion and a gift to inspire.  She is such an inspiration to me. Thank you Rowena for keeping me focused on breaking through the walls with yoga.  Love xo "
Jessica Origliasso,
Pop Singer from the "The Veronicas" (No. 1 on ITunes for the single - "You Ruin Me"

Nathan Healey

“During several summers of my preparation, participation and and recovery from the Australian Open and lead in tournaments, I worked with Rowena. She provided me with great tools and inspiration in her yoga classes that brought me to my peak performance for these important tournaments. Afterward, she facilitated bodywork and provided nutritional counselling that allowed me to recover and rest my body. She is an amazingly talented healer and teacher and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to connect with her. Definitely a positive force forward on my path.”
Nathan Healey,
Former Australian Tennis Player & Former Coach to Leyton Hewitt

Joani Nunez

“Rowena is an earth angel & I am blessed to have crossed paths with her. Her light shines so bright and is an inspiration to so many people in this world. I never told her this, but after a yoga teacher training, when we would get the year books for that group, I would go through and mark the people who really stood out to me, and make little notes. Rowena’s picture is SURROUNDED with hearts and says, ‘Australia is so lucky – she is a soul who is here to change the world in the best of ways. Talk about prophecy coming true!’”
Joani Nunez,
Senior USA Yoga Instructor and Mentor, Owner of Shamanic Healing & Wisdom

Bree Langridge

“I had practised Bikram Yoga for a few months but until I had taken Rowena's class I had no understanding just how much benefit I was gaining or how much I had yet to experience. I come from a dance, gymnastics background. My body was lifting weights at 11yrs old, pushed into the splits constantly and on iron tablets at 12 yrs old just to cope. Later on, I landed a job doing 8 shows a week in theatre in 6 inch heels and 3 kg wigs for Wicked the musical as a singer dancer. Rowena brought to my attention my shaking fatigued muscles in class and showed me that pulling is the object of stretching!!! Yes flexibility is great but nothing without strength. With Rowena's yoga teaching and more importantly her life teachings through her yoga, I realised my flexible body, mind and talents needed strength and focus in the room and out. Rowena has an incredible ability to pull together a group energy whist making you so focused you take on every correction as your own and therefore not only get a super energised class energy but a personal best class as well. I have practised in several studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, North and South Queensland, Tasmania, Adelaide, Byron Bay, Singapore, Korea and Abu Dhabi. All the teachers are fantastic but I can honestly say I have never gained more knowledge about the practise physically, mentally and internally then when practising with Rowena. Rowena helped me learn more than I could ever know about my body which in my profession is my product, I have a low to nil injury rate because of the strength built in her classes and the awareness she taught me. Her teachings will continue to drop into my ears throughout my years of practise to come and to me she is my GURU.”
Bree Langridge,
Singer/dancer - Australian Tour, Wicked the Musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & Show Boat

Jason Winn

“I first met Rowena in Sydney 2005. She attended my advanced yoga class for her first time, having recently completed her teacher training. The other students were flat on their backs exhausted, yet Rowena was so full of energy, begging me to teach her the postures again and again. I thought “who is this girl!” I made arrangements for her to fly to LA for seven weeks to learn the advanced series with Bikram, Emmy and me so she could take it back to Melbourne, Australia. I also arranged teaching work for her on weekends at my sister Melissa’s and my studio in Laguna Beach, California, during which time I mentored her. Rowena is a super good, passionate and energetic teacher. She works so hard on both her personal practice and her teaching skills, striving to be the best she can. Rowena connects to every student in the room giving feedback to all so they leave feeling cared and supported by her. She has great understanding of the postures, as well as anatomy & physiology due to her previous studies in Massage and Ayurveda. She is very effective in passing on this information to her students. Her personality shines when she teaches. She has a unique way to inspire and motivate her students to commit to their practice through all the information she imparts. Rowena has the potential to teach seminars worldwide & I have all confidence that given time she will. She was the first person who came to mind when I needed an assistant for my retreats and international seminars and we have plans for many ventures together once she completes her final studies in Ayurvedic Medicine.”
The Late Jason Winn,
Internationally renowned Yoga Instructor, Yoga Journal Model & Health advocate (Written Nov 2007)

Sara M

“Thanks Rowena. I’ve been learning so much about nutrition and my health! You’ve inspired me today! I’ve been so unhealthy my whole life, but I’m making big changes and growth at the moment and your workshops are helping me on my journey!”
Sara M,
Attendee Brisbane “Xmas in the Raw” nutritional uncooked workshop

Georgia W, Brisbane

“You’re a wealth of knowledge Rowena! The dietary plan and prescription was incredibly comprehensive, and I started to notice a difference soon after taking the suggestions on board. I really appreciate the thought and detail that you put into my case, thanks so much for taking the time to properly understand my dilemmas and requirements. Life is far richer when you feel better.”
Georgia W,,
Nutritional Medicine Client, Brisbane