Blue Majik Powder 50g


(Blue Magik 50g will cost $2.49 per day)

Blue Majik is a proprietary 100% Certified Organic extract of  Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), a Nutrient Dense AquaBotanical™. Its stunning blue pigment is made up primarily of Phycocyanin. A powerful antioxidant which has the ability to quench free radicals and is a potent natural COX-2 inhibitor. The Phycocyanin level is greater than 30% in Blue Majik™, sometimes, it is much higher but never lower than 30%.

Vegan, no additives or preservatives, gluten free, gmo free.

Check out my Smoothie recipe to use for your blue magik.

This product is GST FREE

Also, please note that e3 Live is so concentrated that only 1/2 tsp is needed daily for optimum results (Blue Magik 50g will cost $2.49 per day).

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