Saindhava Himalayan Salt


Saindhava Himalayan salt, is the salt of all salts. It originates from the beds of the himalayan sea (lake beds) that evaporated over a million years ago. It contains 84 minerals, and is sweet and cooling to the body. Saindhava salt aids in ridding the body of toxic minerals and refined salt deposits by stimulating blood circulation & mineral balance. It improves adrenal & digestive function, regulates neurological function (brain health) numerous other health benefits. This particular salt does not cause fluid retention the way other salts can and is easy to digest. (*1,2)

Dr Mercola’s research has shown what Ayurvedic medical research has documented for years. Mineral salt from the Himalayas is far superior to sea salt and other salts due to no contamination from modern day environmental pollutants, nor does it require a refining process.


  • As a seasoning in recipes
  • As a daily cleansing lemon, water, salt elixir (sign up for my ebook for a FREE recipe)
  • in a warm bath for muscle relaxation


  • No contamination
  • No refining process
  • Easy to digest
  • Cooling and nourishing
  • Contains 84 life supporting minerals
  • Does’t contribute to fluid retention

Health Benefits: Modern medicine has blamed salt as an aggravating factor for a number of cardiac disorders (Hypertension, Angina etc). This is due to the commercially prepared artificial salts. These salts have been chemically cleaned (which alters the natural compounds of the salt), are leeched of minerals and have anti caking agents added to them which are detrimental to health. AVOID table salt & Cooking salt at all costs!

1) Neelesh Khandelwal, 2 Shraddha Dhundi, 3 Pramod Yadav, 4 Prajapati P.K. An Ayurvedic outlook on Saindhava (Rock salt)
2) Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yo3g5a Volume 5 Number 2, April – June 2012

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