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Private consultations 

“Rowena’s passion is the transformation that transpires not only physically but emotionally, mentally & spiritually when one commits to the path of wellness.”

After a consultation to assess your current well-being, your therapist will carefully
select the appropriate, unique treatment plan to begin working with you to achieve optimal results & your desired outcomes.

Treatments draw upon various modalities to ensure body, mind and spirit are all addressed, and & draws upon both Western & Eastern techniques.  Your treatment may include: Herbs, Flower Essences, Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Yoga, Neuro emotional Technique (NET), Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Remedial Massage, Cupping or Neuromuscular Dry Needling.

Naturopathic Medicine:

Neuro Emotional Technique:

So, what happened when you were 15?″ 

Challenging events and situations that happen at any stage of our lives are often the beginning of a pattern of way of being that becomes entrenched in our bodies memory and may become the go-to emotion in how we cope with all future stressors as an adult. 

For example, age 15, we are ridiculed at school.  We feel helpless, sad and rejected. We pick up a piece of food, eat it and it soothes us. We begin to feel our mood lift. The next time something “bad” happens, we remember feeling helpless, sad and rejected, and we eat because it soothed us the initial time. So we do it again, once again it helps.

The next 15 years pass, and our body has memorised ‘helpless, sad and rejected’ because we associate it with feeling better.  It has become such an entrenched pattern and is now hard-wired as a neural pathway, its automatic and unconscious, known as an NEC (neuro emotional complex).  Now we feel helpless, sad and rejected  and we constantly over eat and cannot seem to figure out where it comes from.

This is where NET is a brilliant tool. By performing a muscle test, your therapist can establish the nature of an unresolved emotion or stress and identify its origin, then simply ‘extinguish’ the stress from the nervous system. Not only does this release the emotional energy, but restores your choice to emotionally respond differently to life and stress without being at the mercy of an automatic, unconscious, well memorised, hardwired emotional response.

How can it help me?

NET can address physical pain and disease that has an unresolved emotional component. It helps to resolve deeply held trauma and emotional pain. NET is also helpful when setting goals, to ensure there are no unwanted subconscious blocks to creating the life you want.

How is it accomplished?

NET uses muscle testing to determine the nature of the stress, and proceeds to employ gentle tapping on the spine to clear the blockage from ones neurology. It’s safe, quick and very powerful.  Homeopathic Remedies are then muscle tested and often employed to further enhance this technique.  NET is like pulling a splinter out of the body and the homeopathic is likened to then assisting the wound to further heal. 

At Rowena Jayne Health & Wellness NET can be used alongside any treatment, and has proven to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of naturopathic treatment.

“Emotions such as fear, anger, grief and many others can negatively affect us long after the original event that caused them. When our body fails to “let go” of these emotions we can find ourselves with unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviours, destructive beliefs, phobias, and many other chronic physical conditions.” Dr Scott Walker.

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Rowena’s NET Qualifications

After being trained in the technique in 2016,  Rowena flew to Carlsbad, California (USA)  in February 2017 to train extensively with the creator of NET, Dr Scott Walker and his co-developer, Dr Deb Walker, and received full NET Certification.

Flower essences  are a form of vibrational healing using infused flowers to create an essence taken sub lingually (under the tongue). They have gained much respect and reputation as a fast acting and powerful modality on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Flower essences aid the process of breaking mental and emotional patterns which hold you back from reaching your true human potential.

Flower essences also go hand in hand with the transformative process of natuopathic medicine. Rowena has witnessed phenomenal breakthroughs with her patients and yoga students alike using these incredible essences alongside their practice or treatments.


Do you run workshops on flower essences/body mind medicine?

Rowena is an official 2017/2018 Australian Bush Flower Essence Teacher selected but the founder himself Ian White.  Rowena currently leads the ABFE introductory and practitioner workshops at Nature Care College in Sydney.  She also conducts workshops within the community at large.


Here is what other people have to say

RobertVicary-276x300“When I hit rock bottom as a Financial Planner and Chartered Accountant in 2009 I needed to make a 180 degree shift in my Life Work Balance. I started attending yoga classes and found Rowena Jayne, one of my yoga teachers, was reflecting the possibility and potential for change. I had several consultations with Rowena Jayne who prepared therapeutic treatments of Flower Essences.

The first treatment assisted me to calm down sufficiently to recognise that I had been living totally using my left “mathematical” brain.

The second therapeutic treatment enabled me to start opening up to my feelings and long time interest in holistic health and well-being. This was sufficient for me to start the transition journey out of my financial planning businesses and into the study of Remedial Massage, Therapeutic Reflexology and Total Body Wellness. Thank you Rowena Jayne”

Robert Vicary Owner of Alive Radiant Therapies, the Gap

Renae Marsh“Australian bush flower essences have been and are a healing therapy which provides me with supportive and gentle impact of releasement during my life changes and life experiences.

Through my consistent yoga practice, meditation and integrating the flower essences Rowena tailored for me to help me identify negative thoughts within my subconscious mind, over time aided releasement.

Rowena’s guidance using the essences brought me positive clarity to resonate as a happier, whole being. Namaste”

Renae Marsh, Yoga Instructor, Meditation teacher & Lifestyle coach

For consultations, prices & further information pertaining to this incredible healing modality please contact us.