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New Year, New You – Detox and Lifestyle Transformational Program 

with Rowena Jayne  – Real Food Yogi

New Year, New You Detox Program designed to not only get you back on track, lose weight and detox those nasty toxins, but provide you with transformational foundations to change your Life and enhance your health.

Next Round Starts Monday May 18th, 2015!!! DON’T MISS OUT! 


Valued at $149


*This is a SPECIAL OFFER  (Note* The price will increase to $149 for the next round.)

What’s Included?            

One Month of Solid Transformation!

Program Outline:

The Program is structured as a 4 week Detox with the intention of establishing ongoing commitment to change and transformation in each participants life. 

You will receive the recipes and information week by week. A one month in depth dietary plan is included. You will receive recipes, shopping lists, yoga tips for detoxification, up to date current information on detox, juicing, blending, improving elimination pathways and more…. to inspire you to want to change your life and keep going once the plan is over. **

As Rowena Jayne’s speciality is mind /body connection and mindset, You can be guaranteed there will be motivational and inspirational tips on how to move beyond the negative mind and challenges that arise at any level of transformation.

How is the Program Delivered?

You will receive online access to gain entry to all information.  Course units are delivered via written notesPDF files, video and Audio. Recipes and Shopping list will be given the Friday night before each week in order to have time to shop.  The course is password protected and you will receive the password prior to the course commencement.

Goals and Aims: 

This program is more than just a diet to follow. The aim is to provide you with education and information to empower you and motivate you to stay on track.  Research shows that when we play an active part in our own health through education, we are more likely to stay on track!

Can anyone Do this Program?

Too Right!! So step right up. What are you waiting for?

* If you are pregnant or on long term medications please contact the Real Food Yogi Team prior to signing up.

Will I receive support along the way?

YES, YES and YES!  You will have access to a private Facebook forum to connect with everyone else in the program and of course Rowena will be with you every step of the way!

Rowena specialises in working through the mindset. She has extensive training in transformation and has personally transformed her life.  To read more Click HERE

To here what people have to say about Rowena click HERE

Is this just a Raw food Program?

No, there will be some minimally cooked food included in the program.  But for those of you that are RAW, there will be options available to stick to your regimes. Anyone with dietary issues or concerns regarding ingredients will have options to discuss these with the program co-ordinators.

Is this just a stand alone Program of a diet?

Whilst the main focus is on changing your daily eating habits and detoxing.  The  Real Food Yogi herself knows that working on diet alone will never suffice in any transformational program.  Therefore, Rowena will include some mindset, yoga and meditation bonuses.

EVEN BETTER! Brisbaneites.. This one is for you! 

Excited?  Eager to Go? We are too!

The New You Detox Lifestyle Transformation Program is a BodyLove TM     initiative



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** Should you change your mind once the program has commenced no refunds are given.  Prior to course commencement refunds are given minus a 25% administration fee