Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga means physical yoga, it is the preliminary step for advancement of the body, mind and spirit in order to bring forth human potential.

Yoga postures are scientifically proven to stimulate every muscle, gland, organ & system of the body thus preventing illness, injury and reducing the effects of ageing. In addition, yoga improves skills of concentration, patience, determination faith and self-control, which delivers increased mental clarity and reduced stress.

The backward bending component of yoga rapidly heals the spine and as a result brings about optimal health to the central nervous system and body as a whole. Unlike western medicine, yoga treats the body as a whole and works to correct imbalance at the root of the problem.

Illness is psychosomatic and yoga works to innately bring about healing of the mind and emotions along side its physical counterpart.

What do the classes involve?

Rowena’s knowledge of Posture technique, anatomy, physiology, body mind medicine and yoga philosophy is paramount in her classes and puts her ahead of her game.

The lessons are tailored to suit the health needs and capabilities of each group based on the pure hatha yoga asanas documented by Patanjali and based on the lineage of Bishnu Charan Ghosh.

Where can I attend classes?

Rowena is available for various global studio workshops, teacher mentoring and also provides coaching services.  For Bookings click HERE

Private Group classes are available to corporate and workplace environments, as well as primary and secondary schools. For Bookings Please click HERE

Rowena is currently teaching regular classes at Bikram Yoga Brisbane, Function Well Gym & is a regular guest teacher for Lululemon Athletica on James Street, Brisbane.

To keep in touch with Rowena’s workshops and classes please visit the events page.

sml yoga 2 full standing bow copy         sml yoga 1 dancers pose split        sml dancers pose FULL copy

Online programs available soon!