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Gut Health Workshop Presenters Bio’s…… Tim McNeilly

“Gut Health” is a workshop not to be missed if you are serious about your health.  This is the place to start! And boy have we got a line up for you!

A speaker, A Fermenter and a Real Food Yogi….. come together to showcase an extraordinary event for YOU!

This workshop is part of the BodyLove initiative.. A program to bring about change in a triad of health. 


“Gut Health”  will tour Australia – First stop: Brisbane – (Stay tuned for the national tour dates.)

The Fermenter: Tim McNeilly – AKA Fermenting KING!….. From Really Awesome Wholefoods

Tim Mcneilly - Rowena Jayne Real Food Yogi

Tim has run over 30 workshops and assisted around 500 people to discover the amazing health benefits that these fermented foods can provide, and is passionate about people taking-charge of their health.

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