Taking care of YOU FIRST

Taking Care of you first!

As a health advocate, a very prominent value in both my business and personal life is walking my talk.  This week I have had to question this value. 

When I studied Ayurvedic Medicine, my teacher – Dr Adjit told us a story about a little boys mum coming to see Gandhi and asking him to tell his son to stop eating sugar.  Gandhi said ok I want you to wait one month and then come back to see me. puzzled as to why she had to wait, the mother reluctantly agreed and took her son back home with her.  

One month later…… 
 the mother returned with her son and begged Gandhi to give her son the advise to stop eating sugar.  Gandhi placed the little boy on his lap and proceeded to tell him to stop eating sugar.  The boy promised to adhere to the request and went off to play while the mother spoke to Gandhi.

She asked him. ” I don’t understand Gandhi, why would you make my son wait one month and then tell him to stop.  You could have told him this a month ago!”

Gandhi smiled and said “Dear, I could not possibly have told your son one month ago, because I, myself was eating sugar one month ago!”

I absolutely loved that story and of course preceding the story my teacher went on to tell us to walk our talk.  That he cannot ever tell any of his clients to sleep before 10pm even though it is advised in Ayruveda for good health, because still to this day he doesn’t follow this advise. I resonated with his words and the moral of the story and made it a value at the top of my list when I wrote my business plan model and my values.  I do believe I have done my best to follow suit on the advise I pass out.

HOWEVER… the past few months, in the world wind of my book being published, launching my detox transformation lifestyle program, running workshops, book signings. writing more programs, trying to do all the admin. teach yoga etc etc. I have fallen by the wayside of adhering to my own advise! 

I love how the universe constantly supports us and puts messages out there to remind us to get back on track.  I stopped in my tracks the other day when I saw a post written by a close friend to Jess Ainscough – The Courageous Wellness Warrior who lived a further 7 years after being diagnosed with cancer passed away.   The blog post was a story about Jess living her truth every step of the way and how everyday her friends and family would all wake up and while in bed, check their phones and social media and begin working on their businesses and then maybe find some time to take care of themselves.  Jess however, would wake up, meditate, juice and do all the rituals surrounding her health regime BEFORE doing her work.

I read that post and thought – “That used to be you Rowena, but the past three months, it hasn’t been.. you have been doing all nighters, not sleeping to get the work done, you wake up and barely get out of bed and begin working, you have barely chanted, meditated and have not nearly done as much yoga as you normally do! This has to change”

So last night I went to bed at 10pm, I switched off my phone. I woke up feeling refreshed and excited about my day and I woke up scraped my tongue, had my lemon and water, followed by a juice and went straight to my chanting alter and did my morning chant followed by a 10minute meditation.  

Then I sat down to write this blog. Then after 30 minutes went and took advanced yoga class with my colleagues.  Do I feel better! My god yes! I have been feeling sluggish, a little down and blue and just not on top of the world the way I like to be. 

We all know the cliche of the airplane and that we are told to put the mask on us before a child.. life is no different. We must take care of ourselves first so we are in a better position to be there for others. My book, the Joy of Real Food  is all about nurturing yourself, putting you first and how much more productive we are in every area of our life when we look after ourselves. 

Balance is all about tipping the scale and then returning to the centre.  I am grateful I fell off the end, as now it has strengthened my resolve and again I can be in a far greater space to serve YOU, my little tribe who rely on me to help guide you forward on your journey! 

3 easy things to do to taking better care of you

1 –  Taking Care of you first can be as simple as  taking your shoes of and walking outside bare foot on the ground for 30 seconds.  Feel the grass on your feet, take a moment to feel it, observe it and notice how it affects the way you feel.  The sunshine will also play a role in uplifting your spirit, provide you with some much needed vitamin D which will switch on the good genes and improve your vitamin c absorption as a result.  Notice how it distresses you in moments, particularly if you are mindful of the sensations of the texture of the grass etc.

2 – Sitting down and focusing on your breath and breathing pattern for 1 minute

3 –  Buying a fresh juice instead of a coca cola.

Changing your life doesn’t have to be huge steps… just lots of little baby ones that you can sustain.  As you progress, you can add more and more steps, this way it seems way less daunting.

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