The recent Naturopathic Industry Awards held in the Gold Coast rendered fruitful with Rowena taking out the 2020 “Emerging Leader Award”.

These awards are hosted in conjunction with the sponsors NatEX & FX Medicine and have been created to celebrate the diversity, innovation & inspiration of the Naturopathic profession.

The highlight of the awards night was the incredible and inspirational Petrea King.

Petrea shared her life story, one of incredible adversity and challenge.  Yet she turned he life around to serve the community and country in such a profound Honourable way.

The biggest takeaway from her speech was the way we as human beings create our experiences based on the meaning we give to certain events, circumstances and situations in our lives.

Using the example of the rain. Petrea went on to eloquently express that the rain will continue to fall regardless of the meaning we give it.  Yet some people will grumble and complain about the rain, while others will cheer with joy.  Her point being that

“We are the creators of the pain & suffering or joy and happiness in accordance to the meaning we give all events and circumstances.”

Petrea is the best-selling author of 9 books & meditation practices.  She is a qualified Naturopath & Yoga Teacher.

She has been nominated for Australian of the year every year since 2003, been featured on ‘This is your life’, Australian story, compass and his a guest in ABC’s Midweek conference and more.

Her legacy is her Quest for Life Foundation which was established in 1989 to offer practical skills & strategies for people to create peace and resilience in their lives.  She has received medals and awards for contribution to our country.

It was such an honour to be in her presence.  The infamous Marianne Williamson quoted “You are born to make manifest the glory that is within you. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone!”

I couldn’t help but think of this quote when Petrea spoke.  When we see others leaning in, motivating & growing it inspires us all to follow suit.

You also have the deepest glory and ability to make manifest your hopes, dreams & desires.  The more we clean up the past, the more we work through our fears, drop our armour and stand in our courage the more we are able to shine in our divine birthright – To be Bold, Brave & Beautiful.

I look forward to watching you climb the ladder of your own unique legacy.

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