Workshops & Retreats & Womens Circle 2020

“When People open their hearts, they heal”

Group workshops & immersion retreats are to known to facilitate deep transformational change, given the exponential power and strength of the collective.

Group workshops / immersion retreats offer You the chance to share your journey of life improvement with like-minded gorgeous souls also on the path of transformation.

Group work may be an incredible extension of one of one consultations or stand alone meet ups to encourage and facilitate further learning and development in an emotionally safe, nurturing, supportive community environment.

All the Retreats, Workshops & Womens Circle for 2020 are listed below. We are excited to share them with you!




The Bold Brave & Beautiful Movement

Womens Circle 2020

Womens circles have been historically active since ancient times. The movement became lost in the 19th century when people became more commercial and society led to more of a capitalist movement.

Ancient cultures valued these sacred times to connect, share and support. Modern times and the disconnected way of living have led to the deep desire of many women wanting to slow down, and find their way back to their hearts again. We run our circles monthly or bi monthly. Each circle is based a central theme. Guest facilitators will sometimes lead the circle.

Circle is a beautiful connector to spirit, the self, and a way to bring forth change in our society in a more energetic activist type of way. Connect to your inner goddess, connect to your heart and soul with women who accept you as you are.

Be a part of the Bold Brave & Beautiful MovementTM.

Retreats 2020

Sacred Soul Retreat


Dates: April 13-19, 2020

This Retreat is a deep dive into YOU. It is way more than your typical fluff have a lovely holiday retreat. This is for those ready to immerse yourself in transpersonal exploration. It is intimate with only 5 women including yourself.

You will receive transformational healings using Transpersonal Psychosomatic Healing & Hawaiian massage; A post healing Integration Session, Energetic, & a Neuro Emotional Technique Session & Sound Bath Healing. Majority of this retreat will be in silence, with some times for group sharing. You will experience sacred ceremony, womens circles, cacao rituals, Yoga, Meditation and a sweat lodge experience.

The Immersion is held on aboriginal sacred ground, a permaculture property with all food grown & prepared on the land under prayer and meditation. A tour to an ancient volcano in the pristine rainforest is also part of the process.

*This Retreat is by interview only given its deep nature. Not for the faint hearted, but if you are ready to dive deep, you have a deep love and respect for nature, eco style living then this retreat is a must for you.

Eco Embodiment Retreat

Dates: TBC

This retreat offers you a taste of an eco sustainable world. You will stay on an eco property, explore a taste of permaculture food from farm to table . You will also receive massage, energy healing and other healings in combination with yoga, meditation & sweat lodge facilitation.

More information soon.

International Eco Retreat


Dates: TBC

This retreat is held on a sacred eco property in Fiji. This retreat is for those wanting a fun, light hearted yoga retreat vacation.

More information soon.

Detox Retreat


Dates: TBC

Detoxification doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Many people shy away from detoxing because they believe it will be boring, restrictive and way too challenging. This retreat kick up your feet, relax and nourish you through healthy home cooked meals made with love. You will learn how
to effectively detox, why its important and get to taste delectable dishes that Make your mouth water and forget you are even on a detox.

Run twice a year, this popular weekend retreat hits the spot for those needing a guided detoxification cleanse written and designed by a highly qualified naturopath, Plant food chef and Yoga instructor. Rowena Is the Author of the international best seller “The Joy of Real Food”. Some of the food from her book will be served, along with some of the dishes from her detox program that she ran for 4 years online. New recipes are added each retreat to mix it up.

The retreat also includes a dolphin tour and trip to the southern coastline.

The retreat includes:

  • Daily hot yoga classes
  • Daily Meditation
  • Sound Bath Healing
  • Dolphin Swimming Tour
  • Daily Healthy meals & snacks
  • Cooking Class
  • Detox Workshop
  • Free Detox Ebook

Workshops 2020

Dairy Free Cooking – Permaculture Subsidised Course


A course in conjunction with Sydney North Permaculture Society

Rowena will be running a number of workshops with the Nth Sydney Permaculture Society. This is the first of the workshop series. Dairy Free. You will learn how to create your favourite recipes without dairy. Yoghurt, Tree nut cheeses & milk, dairy free desserts and more.

The course is subsidised by the society so it is only $25pp. 

Money Matters Workshop


Dates: TBC

Immerse yourself in the world of Money and wave your money blocks goodbye. You will explore your money personality, family patterns around money and uncover the blocks standing in your way from being BOLD & BRAVE around money.

You will release all that prevents you earning the income you deserve and leave with tools to continue manifesting your desired income. This workshop includes a FREE Flower essence tincture & workbook which will continue to assist you once you leave.

Flower Power



Dates: TBC


Rowena was selected to teach Ian Whites Flower Essence Training by Ian himself in 2016. She is so passionate about the ABFE flowers and their potentiality. They are a major part of her private practice treatment protocols and she lectured at Nature Care College. She is a master practitioner also.

This course gives you an overall foundation to become proficient in using the essences in a clinical setting as a practitioner and a wide overview of the philosophy, neuroscience, chakras, energy and more. It is a hands on interactive course and you will leave excited to work with the essences.

Gratefully Yours



Dates: TBC

A very popular workshop to help you manifest your dream life. Learn the simple steps to creation and manifestation. This workshop will open your eyes to more and help you release your pain and fear about truly stepping into Joy, Love, Magic and Freedom.

This workshop includes a FREE Flower essence tincture & workbook which will continue to assist you once you leave.

Freedom Fighters



Dates: TBC 

End the fight in your life by letting go of the people who hold you back. This workshop will teach you fast effective ways to be free of the pain, heartache and disappointment ‘caused’ by other people In your life. This workshop will connect you to like minded people who will support you in a cathartic process of letting go. It’s a dynamic, fun & freeing workshop and you will be surprised how light, energetic and excited you feel about venturing forward in your life upon completion.

You will also learn basic Kinesiology techniques to use to assist you in all areas of your life. This workshop includes a FREE Flower essence tincture & workbook which will continue to assist you once you leave.

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