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I offer a variety of online programs and courses to help you.

The Bold Brave & Beautiful Blueprint

This is a 12 week Immersion to help YOU break free from Stress / Anxiety & Self Doubt. This program is for you if you suffer from Stress, Anxiety, Self Doubt.

Perhaps you emotionally eat or avoid food, have panic attacks, worry constantly about your life and just keep seem to break free of certain patterns holding you back or you just can’t seem to get ahead In life this program is for you.

This program is delivered online with an additional Face to Face inclusion options. You will be invited to join the tribe of empowered women stepping into their best selves who work one on one with Rowena in clinic and at her workshop and retreat immersions.

Food Compatibility Wellness Plan

Are the foods you eat RIGHT for your body?

Find out how your body is reacting through this simple step.

A sample of hair is taken and sent to a specialised centre where 500 different food and household items are identify as either compatible or incompatible with your body.

Certain foods and/or chemicals may create inflammation in different parts of the body and present variable symptoms’.

These results assist in unravelling possible health issues within the body; the results are then incorporated into an individualised Naturopathic Wellness plan.

This requires a commitment of 6 months, with four follow up appointments to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The basis for the programme is simple: nurturing the body correctly by avoiding foods and products that are ‘incompatible’ with you as an individual.

It is simple and easy and suitable for people of ALL ages – both adults and children. In conjunction with a Naturopathic consult the results speak for themselves.

Online Plant-Based Whole Foods Course

(Certificates available for CPE points for practitioners)

This 12 week course is designed to get you on track with your plant-based or vegan goals. You will receive weekly modules on healthy eating, recipes & Video instruction on how to prepare the meals, how to transition to a plant food diet.

You will also learn how to use food as medicine and improve all the systems of your body. It contains evidence based research and offers the opportunity (optional) to receive a plant based Wholefoods Certificate upon completion of academic course work.

Great for health coaches and practitioners alike to add modality support for clients. Rowena lectured at Nature Care College for 2 years and was a part of the development team of the plant based course at the college. She has greatly improved the course and is now operating independently in delivering this course.

Online Gut Health - The Second Brain - Course

(Certificates available for CPE points for practitioners.)

This workshop was developed by Rowena and presented for 2 years at Nature Care College, Sydney. She has taken all the feedback over the time presenting it and added new information to structure it for various gut health conditions.

It is filled with inspirational science on the Gut brain connection, tangible ways to improve your gut and of course her favourite component how improving your gut can improve the mind and emotional states of being in order to thrive!

It contains evidence based research and offers the opportunity (optional) to receive a Gut health Certificate upon completion of academic course work. Great for health coaches and practitioners alike to add modality support for clients.

Australian Bush Flower Essences


Rowena was selected to teach Ian Whites Flower Essence Training by Ian himself in 2016.  She is so passionate about the ABFE flowers and their potentiality. They are a major part
of her private practice treatment protocols and she lectured at Nature Care College. She is a master practitioner also.

This course gives you an overall foundation to become proficient in using the essences in a clinical setting as a practitioner and a wide overview of the philosophy, neuroscience, chakras, energy and more. It is a hands on interactive course and you will leave excited to work with the essences.

Permaculture - Garden to Table

Join Rowena as she shares her knowledge of Permaculture. You will learn basic principles of permaculture, with particular focus on the veggie garden and home remedies. You will learn how to create wonderful, easy, fast dishes from your very own garden.

You will also learn how to create wonderful home remedies and integrate eco living into your own home. This course will inspire you to live by the ethics of permaculture. Care to the Earth, Care of the species and return of surplus to the first two.

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