The Joy of Real Food – Published Book

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This incredible Full Colour366 Page Book is way more than just a recipe book!

PERSONALISED AUTOGRAPHED COPY – Couriered Straight to your door!

In The Joy of Real Food, Rowena shares her journey from anorexic and binge eater to health and wellness ambassador.

Hospitalised with a bleeding colon at twenty- eight from years of self sabotage and struggle with an eating disorder, Rowena knew this was her wake up call to transform her life or self destruct. Twelve years on, Rowena is now a leader in the fields of Yoga, Raw Food, and Healthy Living.

Combining everything she has learnt about health and wellness through professional and personal platforms, Rowena now shares her philosophies, insights, and passion for bringing back the joy of real food and using it to tap into your human potential


“A Story of Courage, Determination and Inspiration!”

The Joy of Real Food addresses the real life problem of the food industry and how detrimental the food of today has become to our health and wellbeing. It also delves into the controversial subject that diet and lifestyle are the two major contributors to disease.

Rowena discusses the importance of healthy eating, yoga, Ayurveda and mind set and how they contribute to transforming and enhancing ones life.

The Joy of Real Food also contains over 150 Raw (& some cooked) food recipes to relish, ignite the joy of healthy eating and inspire you to change your life.

The Joy of Real Food offers real life solutions to help people turn their health around and tap in to their human potential.



2 reviews for The Joy of Real Food – Published Book

  1. Carren Smith

    “We live in a world that has lost itself. People are disconnected, disappointed, diseased and disoriented and when we consider the very sustenance of life is food, it is no wonder that our experiences feel fake, fast, cheap and nasty!

    With the careful attention Rowena Jayne has invested into this book, it’s clear that there is a solution and everyone is included! Dive deep into the words and pages and you will find a new awareness that will leave you wondering why you didn’t go raw sooner! With love, passion and absolute abandon, Rowena will inspire you to truly get ‘naked’ with the magic of food by squeezing the juice out of every possibility! A brilliant book written by an extraordinary human being!”

  2. Wei Wei

    During the short time Miss Rowena was my yoga teacher, I had learned to respect her immensely. When I heard she had released a recipe book I immediately purchased the ebook at the affordable price of $9.99.

    I like simple straightforward recipes and I’m glad to discover that many of Miss Rowena’s recipes deliver on that respect. Brazilian Berry Bowl scored a 10 out of 10 by my 5-year-old son who normally dislikes everything remotely healthy that is homemade.
    To my delight, this is not just a recipe book. Miss Rowena is also sharing the story of her life as well as guiding the reader about the foods used, and much much more. This is an amazingly beautiful and educational book and I can’t wait to make myself a huge glass of Chai Spice Smoothie and read it from cover to cover.

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