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My life Mission is to help women just like you turn your lives around from anxiety, shame, fear and self-doubt. You will break free from the areas of your life holding you back, so you can step into your life purpose; make a living from it; & shine in your power as a BOLD, BRAVE & BEAUTIFUL human being.

Women working with Rowena report more self confidence, improved quality of life, courage to chase their dreams, attraction of partners aligned with their values, increased income & amazing transformations on all fronts.

How can you help me?

Through evidence-based personalised treatments, recipes, guided programs, and more. We offer intimate up close and personal consultations in person & online with an awe inspiring support system to keep you on track. We hold space for you and walk side by side with you on your journey.

The Main Modalities used include the following

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

is an evidence-based stress relief technique. Originally created for chiropractors, it is a post graduate modality for practitioners with a Bachelor of Health Science only. Research shows it completely erases all trace of the stress response in brain imaging scans, which has NEVER been seen before in any other stress/healing modality research to date. The technique was featured in the TV show ‘Greys Anatomy’ & FMTV Foodmatters TV & Gaia show the NET Documentary “Stressed” on their global platform. NET covers all bases from physical pain, fears, phobias and patterns holding you back from your life an helps to rewire the brain (brain plasticity) to create new neural pathways (new condiitoning)… READ MORE

Watch the NET Documentary ‘stressed’


Flower Essences

Are natural remedies obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the highest evolved part of the plant: the flowers. They help bring a person into emotional, spiritual and mental harmony. Research shows vibrational medicines contain high frequency subtle energies. When ingested or absorbed through the skin this energy penetrates the circulatory and nervous systems where an electromagnetic current is created. The essence then moves into the energy channels (meridians or srotas) and our life force is increased, negative feelings & belief systems are altered bringing about a sense of inner peace, clarity, focus, well-being and re-alignment with our higher wisdom… READ MORE

Naturopathy/Clinical Nutrition/Herbal Medicine/Homeopathy/Aromatherapy

Naturopathic Medicine treats the whole person by seeking the root cause of all problems – mental, physical and emotional. Often functional medicine tests (eg blood, stool, saliva & urine tests; iridology, PH; zinc tally etc) are also used to ascertain a more detailed picture. Treatment Plans are created using a collaboration of herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies, diet and lifestyle support strategies to assist the body in returning to its natural state of health. Rowena is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath (BHsc Nat).

Yoga Therapy

A set of therapeutic postures, breathing exercises & mindfulness practices used to access the somatic/energetic blueprint of the body & restore the life-force and mental qualities of the mind (including will power, self control, determination, Faith and concentration) the yogis believe yoga to be a complete system of health and wellbeing.


Breathing exercises & mindfulness practices used to enhance concentration, focus & self-observation. Induces a state of calm, peace and faith in oneself and as a result makes more more productive, less fearful and more trusting of life in all it complexities challenges.

Neuromuscular Needling

Acupuncture needles are inserted in to the tissue of specific points in the body. Can relieve stress, tension and pain.

Culinary Wellness

Cooking classes, recipes and dietary plans are created to assist in further healing of the body and encourage better regimes of eating.

Kinesiology/Touch for health

Employs muscle testing to ascertain blockages In the body and mind. Breathing techniques and neuromuscular holding points are used to correct any imbalances.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

An evidence-based form of energy psychology combined with TCM ( Chinese medicine) meridians in which tapping on certain points combined with Affirmations can reduce stress and rewire the brain (known as brain plasticity). READ MORE


From time to time Rowena will draw upon her many other modalities in treatment plans (including Ayurveda, Quantum energetics, Massage & Sound Healing) if she deems fit or may recommend a particular retreat or workshop

Want to work with Rowena other than one to one?


Rowena also runs group workshops, retreats, womens circles & Online Programs and courses

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